My name is Nicholas Reynolds. 

I'm a Lecturer (~Assistant Professor) in Economics at the University of Essex.

I'm a labor and health economist, with a particular focus on the health and human capital of Americans.


The Paper Trail of Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Patent Interferences 

with Ina Ganguli (UMass Amherst) and Jeffrey Lin (Philadelphia Fed)

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

Working paper version.

Working papers

The Broad Decline in Health and Human Capital of Americans Born after 1947   


June 2023

I present evidence of a decline in the health and human capital of Americans beginning with cohorts born after 1947 and continuing until at least mid-1960s cohorts.

Increased Mortality of White Americans and a Decline in the Health of Cohorts Born after World War II 

(NEW VERSION: February 2023)

Revised and resubmitted (2nd Round) at the Journal of Human Resources